We had the honor of taking senior pictures for a handful of 2023 graduates in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. This year we really honed in on showcasing each seniors’ individualism. Here is a glimpse into what we did at a few of our senior photograpy sessions this year.

Chloe wanted her session to showcase her passion for art in her senior photos. We had Chloe share her outfit ideas and a Pinterest board of her vision. We started at Analog Vault, a local record store in the Newbo District in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Chloe brought her favorite records and put them up on the selves, so they would be in the background of her photos.

You can check out all that the great people over at Analog Vault do by visiting their website here!


We then took a trip down the road to Prairie Park Fishery and took advantage of the beautiful prairie grass. We had Chloe bring some of her artwork to use as a prop on the easel we brought along. We had a ton of fun with this senior photography session!

Senior photography session of an artist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Senior photography in prairie grass at Prairie Park Fishery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Sophie is a dancer and we were ecstatic to get to take dance shots! She chose Palisades Kepler State Park in Mt Vernon, Iowa and it was the perfect weekend for colorful fall leaves. We took pointe ballet pictures in the middle of the road surrounded by bright yellow trees and it looked absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Photo taken of a highschool senior at Palisades Kepler State Park in Mt. Vernon, Iowa

We took some fall senior pictures throughout the rest of the beautiful park and ended the session on the beach, taking a few more dance pictures. Both of these sessions were a highlight of our senior photography we did this year.


If you are looking for a couple of great senior photographers in Cedar Rapids, look no further than Kivy Photo Co. We love to great creative and we want to make your senior session as memorable as possible!

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